Why personal photography really matters

A funny thing happened to me when I started getting paid for photography.  The more I focused on my business and how to pay the bills the further I seemed to move away from my personal work. Most of the time it just ranked pretty low compared to making a living.  I’ve since discovered that […]

Photography from the Aztecs Exhibition

Last week I visited the Aztecs Exhibition at the Australian Museum, Sydney. Although not a free exhibition, it was worth every cent to be standing face to face with such awe  inspiring pieces from 500 years ago. Flash was not allowed, so I needed to […]

Tips to recover your creative voice

Recently, I had a nasty case of laryngitis, which left me unable to speak for four days. Although I was glad to be a source of entertainment for my husband and sister, who found our phone conversations amusing, what struck me most was just how little […]

Adding emotional impact to your portraits

If you’ve ever taken what you thought was a great photo, only to discover that a poor expression ruined your shot, you’ll understand why emotion can make or break a portrait. There are many different aspects to taking a good portrait, such as lighting, posing, composition, and camera settings to name a few, […]