Family Portraits

Simple tips for baby portraits at home

Baby photography can be quite challenging at the best of times, however once you understand some of the basics, the only limit will be your imagination. Here are some simple tips to get started: Timing is everything Choose a time of day which is good for […]

An afternoon at the beach – slow shutter speed

The other day I spent a lovely afternoon at the beach photographing my niece. As she somersaulted across the beach, I had lots of fun playing with different shutter speeds. In my photography courses I’m often teaching students how to get a sharp shot, but […]

10 Tips for better Autumn photos

With such a visual feast of yellows, oranges and reds, it’s tempting to think it’s easy to create stunning photos in autumn.  However, from my experience gorgeous autumn scenes don’t always translate into amazing photos.  Below you’ll find 10 tips to help improve your photography as you venture into the outdoors this autumn. 1)  […]

Creatively composing with colour

Although painting and photography may seem worlds apart, many of the principles of colour which are used in art, can be applied to photography with some eye catching results! Opposite colours Also known as complementary colours, the use of these colours in your images will attract the eye, helping […]