Photography from the Aztecs Exhibition

Photography of the Aztecs ExhibitionLast week I visited the Aztecs Exhibition at the Australian Museum, Sydney. Although not a free exhibition, it was worth every cent to be standing face to face with such awe  inspiring pieces from 500 years ago.

Flash was not allowed, so I needed to bump up my ISO because the light was quite low. I photographed most of the images at around 6400 ISO, and was just able to hand hold for most shots. Some images were a little noisy, but because I shot in RAW, I was able to reduce this.

I love dramatic lighting at the best of times, and felt that the way the pieces were lit seemed well suited to this brutal, yet intriguing period in history.

The God of Death really caused my stomach to turn. It had such an ominous presence that even going through the photos caused me to re-experience that feeling. There were blood curdling descriptions of the sacrifices, which went into great detail.

I found myself thinking about just how terrifying it must have been to live back then. I must admit I was quite surprised that some of the people sacrificed were treated very well for up to a year prior to meeting their fate.

At the end of the exhibition there were Aztec inspired items for sale. I was a little sceptical of my husband, when he pointed out some Mexican chocolate on sale for $12.00. Being the chocoholic that I am, I bought the dark chocolate with red peppers, fine spices and cocoa nibs – such a complex taste which was truly divine!